8 Tips to Optimise Your LinkedIn Account and get Noticed

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Posted Nov 24, 2022

8 Tips to Optimise Your LinkedIn Account and get Noticed

LinkedIn can be used as an online version of your CV. It provides numerous other benefits, such as connecting you to industry peers, increased exposure to hiring managers and recruiters, a great job board, and other advantages.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is frequently updated. Let’s look at a few methods for transforming your LinkedIn profile into an effective CV.

Think of LinkedIn as your new CV.

LinkedIn reports that 97% of recruiters and hiring managers utilise LinkedIn to recruit employees. This makes it all the more important to make your profile stand out.

  1. At the very least, consistently update your profile with your accomplishments and career timeline.
  2. Ensure you have an up-to-date, professional profile picture. You do not want to surprise the hiring team in an interview!
  3. Make a distinction between your professional and personal social profiles. One of the instances where hiring companies reject candidates is due to their online activity. Feel free to post and do as you please on your other social accounts. However, it is best to adjust your settings and make those accounts private.
  4. Use your LinkedIn account to publicly display your professional accomplishments, recent career history, and skills.
  5. Ensure that your contact details are on your profile. You do not want to miss out on opportunities because you have not provided your contact details.
  6. Ensure that your profile is grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. Write clearly and concisely to present a positive image of yourself. It’s second nature to proofread your CV, and your LinkedIn profile should be no different.
  7. LinkedIn has a host of functions that you can use to engage with peers, recruiters and hiring companies. You can interact with companies directly by commenting and reacting to their content. Interacting with content demonstrates your interest and also puts your name out there.
  8. You can showcase your work and use LinkedIn as a portfolio to attract hiring companies by displaying what you have to offer. You can do so through various mediums; video, graphics, blogs etc.

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