Could Temporary Roles Help You in Your Job Search? (Spoiler – It’s a Yes!)

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Posted Aug 25, 2022

Could Temporary Roles Help You in Your Job Search? (Spoiler – It’s a Yes!)


Let’s face it – finding the perfect permanent position can be tricky. Regardless of what sector you’re searching in, that dream job may be nowhere to be found for a while yet, so you must have a plan in place.

Whether you’re currently between jobs or simply looking for a change, a temporary position could be the solution to your problems. We completely understand some people desire the security of a permanent role, but temporary positions can boost your CV and make you a top candidate when the time is right!

Here are some of the benefits taking on a temporary job can provide, so you can give the option some consideration as part of your job search.

Prevent Career Gaps

We understand that there are various reasons people can have career gaps on their CV. From redundancy to professionally retraining, not everyone has back-to-back job experience to list.

A temporary position can offer the perfect stepping stone if you’re unemployed and currently seeking a role. You could be improving on your existing skill-set and learning new ones along the way, creating a more dynamic portfolio.

Demonstrates Important Skills

Let’s face it, a temporary position is fantastic for learning and improving various skills. Working in a temporary role actually demonstrates an array of skills in itself, such as:

The list goes on, and it can be a fantastic talking point during interviews, where you can demonstrate how this experience has positively impacted your career path.

Additional Positive References

Positive word-of-mouth recommendations go a long way in your job search. Potential employers will check with previous employers on various matters, including your performance and personal attributes that made you a pinnacle member of their team.

You must ask permission from the individual to list them as a reference, but most people will be happy to provide positive feedback to your future employer. With this type of work, it can be difficult to understand whom to use as your reference, so please always check with your recruitment consultant!

Improves Your Professional Network

Gaining experience in a new setting means new people and opportunities! Whether your temporary position is in your ideal sector or you’re trying something else, you’re bound to meet an abundance of interesting people.

Whether it’s networking internally or attending events as part of the organisation, you will become exposed to potential opportunities, such as possible job offers! If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of networking, why not take a look at our recent article?

Greater Understanding of Your Job Search

At the end of the day, your job search can become tiring, and you may start to lose focus on what you want. The mind wanders, especially if you lose hope in finding that dream role. By looking for a temporary position, you might learn more about yourself than you think!

Whether it’s discovering a hidden passion or observing company culture, you will begin to piece together what parts of a new position are personally negotiable and non-negotiable. This can help you narrow down the job search and go after what you want.

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