Elevating Your CV: From Good to Great


Posted Oct 13, 2023

good CV versus a great CV

When it comes to breaking down a good CV versus a great CV, there are several key elements to consider. Here are some factors that can make a CV stand out and elevate it from good to great:

Structure and Formatting
A good CV has a clear structure while a great CV goes beyond that by using a professional font, avoiding generic titles, and incorporating a visually appealing design.

good CV versus a great CV

Relevance and Tailoring
A good CV highlights relevant skills, experiences, and achievements, while a great CV tailors content for specific roles and industries.

Quantifiable Achievements
A good CV lists job responsibilities, while a great CV showcases quantifiable achievements and results, demonstrating impact and value.

Keywords and ATS Optimization
A good CV incorporates relevant keywords and phrases, while a great CV optimizes the content for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to get past initial screening processes.

Clarity and Conciseness
A good CV communicates skills effectively, while a great CV avoids jargon and excessive details, maintaining concise and focused content.

good CV versus a great CV

Visual Appeal
A good CV uses bullet points for readability, while a great CV adds bolding, spacing, and a professional design for visual appeal.

Proofreading and Error-Free
A good CV is free from spelling and grammatical errors, while a great CV takes it a step further by  being thoroughly proofread multiple times to ensure accuracy and professionalism.

Remember, a great CV is not just a laundry list of experiences and qualifications but a strategic marketing tool that showcases your unique value and suitability for the desired role.

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