Handling ‘frenemies’ at work 

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Posted Feb 10, 2023

Handling ‘frenemies’ at work 

 In many cases it is a bit of a task maintaining relationships with colleagues who may also be your friend outside of work. In such situations to ensure that workplace politics and backstabbing don’t take over, the Helpfulness, Appropriateness and Tact (HAT) principal may come in handy.


Friendships are often tested when jealousy takes root. One such factor that influences these things at the workplace could be a difference in job titles/hierarchy in the workplace. Where this comes into play, it is often good to remember that kindness and selfless gestures can go a long way.

If you happen to come up with ideas of ways in which workplace morale or team spirit can be boosted, start off by making these small suggestions and take look at how a positive environment can permeate throughout the office.


Setting boundaries at work is extremely important. Part of team building involves light hearted, personal conversations that may take place at work which is completely okay especially if you wish to climb up the ladder whilst maintaining positive relationships with your colleagues.

However, it is also important that boundaries are set so that when important conversations take place, you are taken seriously. To ensure this, clear communication is essential.


Friendships in a workplace can often be tricky especially if you are dealing with situations that may require you to provide performance reviews of your fellow colleagues or work together on a project. Therefore, it is always important to keep an unbiased and neutral train of thought while being mindful of your choice of words or when making necessary decisions or suggestions.

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