Have you got these Hybrid Working Essentials?

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Posted Jan 16, 2023

Have you got these Hybrid Working Essentials?

Since the pandemic and with technology advancing, the opportunities provided remotely within the corporate sector and other industries are increasing. Cloud computing and the internet encourage a collaborative workforce from any location. Employees can easily access applications, work emails, and so on. Remote work promotes a more flexible setup that can accommodate staff from all backgrounds and locations.

Hybrid working is another take on remote work, a more flexible approach that incorporates working in an office and working from home. The flexibility of hybrid work varies and it supports a variety of different working arrangements. It allows employees to choose how and where they work and gives them the freedom to design their work week in a way that works for them as well as company policies whilst still offering the chance to work in a physical office for part of the week.

Organisations that use a hybrid work model can provide their employees with a better work-life balance. This typically leads to an increase in productivity and employee engagement at work, allowing businesses to operate more efficiently.

Having said that, you should ensure that you can work productively without the need for supervision. In addition to this, you should make sure you have a designated workspace that is clear and away from distractions.

Making it work…

  1. Internet connection- The key component of working from home is a stable internet connection.
  2. Posture- Working from home and slouching in front of a screen for hours can take a toll on your body. A good hiring company will supply ergonomic equipment to assist with your posture.
  3. Installation of appropriate software programmes- Hardware devices such as laptops and desktop computers are vital, but it is also important that the necessary software is installed on your computer so that you can access company systems remotely.
  4. Be contactable- Have your phone on hand in case of an emergency where you may be required to speak to a colleague.
  5. A quiet workspace- It is easy to get distracted when working in the comfort of your own home. Do not position yourself in front of the TV or anything that may distract you.
  6. Video conferencing- When participating in a video call, ensure you have a clear workspace and are positioned in front of a clear background with a working microphone and camera.

 The benefits of working from home:

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