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Tackling Stereotypes

Recruiters are often associated with having somewhat negative connotations, only focusing on placing candidates without consideration for the person behind the role. At Spinwell, we successfully challenge this perception. We tackle such stereotypes by knowing that people are vital to our business and that no software or program can replace human interaction when understanding our clients’ needs or screening a potential candidate. With this in mind, we ensure that two-way communication is a substantial part of our process.

Team Spinwell

Spinwell is made up of a team of dedicated recruitment specialists; all committed to the cause. All members were carefully selected based on merit and personality to fit within our close-knit group. Having a carefully selected team has enabled Spinwell to employ specialists that understand people for being human, not seeing them as data; after all, people buy from people, not companies.

Founded in 2009

Our work predominantly focuses on the public sector, IT, engineering, construction, and healthcare. The trio of founders, who have a combined experience of over 72 years within the recruitment space, noticed there was a severe lack of personal touch when it came to sourcing candidates for employers. Seeking to capitalise on this opportunity, Spinwell was born with a company ethos that puts people first.