How To Find IT-Related Contract Work

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Posted Dec 09, 2022

How To Find IT-Related Contract Work

Most contractors looking to find IT-related work use the internet to find vacancies posted by recruitment agencies. LinkedIn is a great place to start. Some may choose to work directly for clients rather than through agencies.

Job boards come in handy when looking for contracting opportunities. The algorithm provides a list of jobs as soon as you type in what you require alongside specifics relating to the location of work, type of work and even salary rates. Job boards typically have a quick apply feature, allowing for easy access to apply for multiple roles at any given time.

Make use of signing up for job alerts. These alerts will notify you if and when any relevant contract roles become available. It will also allow you to assess the job description and understand if there are any skills that you lack. Once you have identified these missing links, you should work on these skills and then come back and apply again. The more experienced and skilled you are, the higher the daily rate you can command.

The advantage that job boards provide is the ability to directly apply by submitting your CV. Agencies may find your profile, see you as a suitable candidate and decide to contact you.

Most contract roles are around six to twelve months. IT contract roles typically have contract renewals during your employment. If this is the case, you may find yourself in the company/location for longer than expected.

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