Humour: a stress buster at the workplace 

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Posted Feb 21, 2023

Humour: a stress buster at the workplace

Cracking a joke or two at work can create a rather comfortable, (in often cases) fun and a rather calming environment, however, bear in mind not to get too carried away!

A good sense of humour can pose numerous benefits as listed below:

Increased team spirit/morale and ease tension and stress levels 

Humour can help bring people together to work on tasks and solve problems comfortably. In fact, it is a great tool when it comes to lightning the mood amidst tense situations whilst boosting morale.

Organizational culture 

At a corporate setting, employees often want to put their best foot forward when taking on their responsibilities and in doing so have their game faces on and take themselves a bit too seriously.

A sense of humour in such instances can assist in a refreshing change of pace and showcase your personality a little outside of work. This in turn can help forge a bond and create a more jovial atmosphere.

Productivity and creativity 

Humour is a great tool when it comes to encouraging interaction and brainstorming of new strategies, ideas, game plans and so on. Not only will it boost productivity, but also influence your work ethic in a rather positive manner as you will tend to enjoy your work more.

From a managerial perspective, employees would see you as more approachable. They would feel all the more comfortable to approach you with innovative new ideas that they may have.

Having said that, it is extremely important that you are mindful of the kind of jokes you are making. Ensure that the jokes you make are not racist, ageist, sexist, does not offend anyone’s culture, traditions or norms and that no form of discrimination is prompted.

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