Is Your Passport Valid? Why it Matters for IDVT…

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Posted Sep 21, 2022

Is Your Passport Valid? Why it Matters for IDVT…


IDVT – Identity Document Validation Technology

What is IDVT & How it Affects You

IDVT stands for Identity Document Validation Technology. This is soon to be the go-to way for British and Republic of Ireland passport holders to be verified for employment. IDVT has been introduced by the Home Office, where employers and recruiters like Spinwell will complete verification checks on candidates digitally.

The new IDVT verification checks will come into force on the 1st October 2022. The IDVT check is being introduced on the backend of the pandemic and how verification checks were carried out over this period. Under the previous system, checks used to be held over a video call between the employer and candidate. Nevertheless, this is about to change, employers will now be required to review documents digitally but meet with British and Republic of Ireland candidates in person if the candidate does not hold an up-to-date passport.

Why is IDVT Replacing the Previous System?

Upon review of the previous systems that were implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic, both employers and the government alike could see the benefits of carrying out verification checks remotely. However, this left a sense of paranoia as it left room for fraudulent activity. Employers were not able to check over the identification documents physically, leaving chance for them to be doctored with.

The introduction of IDVT into the verification process can help promise that employees in waiting are verified using a method that poses a greatly reduced risk for employers.

How Does IDVT Work?

IDVT only works when a holder’s passport (including Irish passport cards) is in date. IDVT processes and analyses the documents provided by the prospective employee through a digital identity service provider (IDSP) to complete the digital element of the right to work checks.

By allowing people to upload images of their personal documents as opposed to presenting them physically to employers, it means that the onboarding process is sped up.

Employers who do not carry out these checks correctly or in its entirety will face repercussions. Employers can expect fines of up to £20,000 per falsely checked employee, varying case to case.

What does IDVT mean for Non-British and Non-Republic of Ireland Passport Holders?

 If you cannot be security checked by IDVT (currently about 32% cannot), what are your options? The pandemic has encouraged more organisations to adopt a hybrid working model, so those who do not have a ‘physical place of work’ are facing issues. It may result in the need to meet face-to-face in a mutually convenient location or send your documentation via a secure service to a client’s place of business. We understand your apprehension. Waiting until you attend your new role isn’t an option, so efforts to ensure these checks are completed will be vital to ensure you can get to work right away.

For oversees workers, a BRP (Biometric Residents Permit) card or an E-Visa was introduced on 6th April 2022. The BRP was introduced to replace work permits that were previously included within passports for non-British and non-Republic of Ireland workers. By providing copies and images of personal documentation the process has become digitalised. After employers receive permission to conduct the check, candidates will provide a ‘share code’ and their date of birth so that employers can obtain the right to work documentation.

Alternatively, where permitted, employers and recruiters alike can use the Home Office online services which provides right to work in real time direct from Home Office systems.

Here at Spinwell, we have thoroughly prepared for the change in identity checks whatever your circumstances may be. If you aren’t sure how the changes will impact you, please contact your recruitment consultant who will be more than happy to help. | 02035109454

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