Job Searching and How to Go About It

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Posted Oct 19, 2022

Job Searching and How to Go About It

Perhaps you are currently unemployed and looking for work, or you might even be employed but are actively looking for something different-how do you go about it? Let’s go over the top three approaches for getting the process started.

  1. Job Boards – Due to their larger reach, job boards are the number one way to look for work. For example, Spinwell’s job board allows you to filter your job preferences by the salary you expect, the kind of role you are looking for, locations, the kind of industry you may be looking into, whether it is a remote or physical role, and so on. A majority of job boards will allow you to sign up for newsletters to help with your job search and offer job alerts. Most places will also offer tips on how to equip yourself for your job search journey.
  2. Networking – Networking offers a different perspective than what is available in the job market. It plays an essential role in building self-confidence whilst also promoting self-esteem. Interacting with those that have the same interests as you can also help advance your knowledge in a particular field of work. The obvious way to start networking at the moment is via LinkedIn. Networking can still be done in person with friends, family, or colleagues, and don’t be afraid to ask to see if there are any openings.
  3. Recruitment Agencies – Make use of recruitment consultancy services. Recruiters like Spinwell can assist you a great deal. They play a role by getting to know your interests, what you are looking for, and your salary expectations. Spinwell will cater to you accordingly by determining the best fit for you and putting you forward for a role that best suits your needs. Spinwell, for instance, is trusted by a number of hiring companies, and so if your name is put forward by us, the hiring company will likely associate you with our name.

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