Risks of quitting too early 

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Posted Mar 17, 2023

Risks of quitting too early 

In any job, it is a given that you may be faced with situations that make you unhappy or want to simply throw in the towel. However, it is extremely important that you take some time to think carefully and decide if you are truly making the right decision of choosing to quit.

Below, we will outline 3 things to consider before quitting your job too early.

1. Risk of regret 

 Your frustration at the workplace can be due to a multitude of things. But a risk you may encounter is not having considered and analysed your situation carefully enough and making the wrong decision as a result and saying ‘’I quit’’

To help you figure out if your job is truly the problem, ask yourself these questions:

Once you figure out if your job is truly the reason for your unhappiness, you can start to think about solutions that can be taken to perhaps overcome them. For instance, you may speak to your manager to make a few tweaks to your work hours or job description, you may also talk to a fellow employee or colleague about solving certain issues within your team and so on.

If you have run through all of these things and are still unsatisfied with your job and feel very much unhappy then you can confidently quit knowing that you have carefully analysed and thought this decision through and have also taken steps to try to better them.

2. The risk of stalling your career 

Before quitting your job, it is extremely important that you plan for what you will do next. At the end of the day you will need a steady source of income to satisfy your standard of living/ needs. However, it is important that you avoid job hopping as it may present your behavior as unstable being that you have made far too many hasty decisions too quickly. This is the prime reason as to why it is vital that you plan this next step out carefully.

Ensure that you have made thorough research into the current job market and are aware of what’s available at the moment.

 In any case if possible, lining up your next job can be considered as a practical step before handing in your resignation so you have work to fall back on after leaving your current workplace.

 3. The risk of burning bridges 

When leaving your job, emotions may be at an all-time high and you may run the risk of burning bridges. There may be tension between you and your manager, conflict can be inevitable if you quit before thinking about the consequences.

At this stage it is key that you approach this situation in a calm and professional manner. Don’t just drop your resignation letter off at your managers table and waltz off. Stay calm and collected and do it in a professional manner by handing in your notice.

 Always remember that at some point in your professional career you may require a reference from them and as such, it is key that you don’t make hasty decisions and that you leave on good terms.

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