50 policy advisors - Central Government Client

50 policy advisors - Central Government Client


Having previously worked with this client to provide staff at a comparable time frame and larger volume, our central government client returned to us for an unprecedented project.


The client required 50 policy advisors at very short notice, to work on a national policy project. With previous experience including onboarding and vetting staffing solutions in this area, Spinwell were selected to provide a quick solution.

Project Name
50 policy advisors
Central Government Client
Our Role


The skill set required for this role was very niche, with high pressure placed on the time frame due to the unprecedented nature of the project. A KPI for onboarding within two weeks was set, to ensure appropriate personnel could commence work.


By rearranging our internal resources, Spinwell provided the first tranche of CVs to the client within 12 hours of being briefed and had interviews booked within 24 hours of being notified of candidates of interest. Our diverse and flexible nature enabled us to set up a dedicated team instantly, ensuring KPIs were met and contractors were on the ground working within 2 weeks of accepting their job offer.

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