Java Developer

Java Developer


As one of the most prominent public bodies, our client selected us from an approved framework to supply a Senior Digital Java Developer. The role required an individual with extensive experience across a variety of programmes whilst possessing the ability to communicate activity to those who are not competent in this type of work.


Due to the skillset and experience required for the role, the talent pool appeared limited to the client due to location specifications. In addition to this, it was subsequently difficult for them to find the best fit for the role due to limited knowledge of the appropriate measures of success for this type of role.

Project Name
Java Developer
Java Developer
Our Role


We appointed an experienced consultant as a single point of contact, who was responsible for working collaboratively with the client to fully understand various aspects of the role and business, including:

  • Company culture
  • Key role requirements
  • Person specification
  • Location requirements
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As we identified more appointable candidates than the 2 requested based on the SLA, we created a Reserve List for other similar roles for up to 12 months for similar roles and criteria.

We have maintained regular contact with the candidate so that we can deal with any issues in regards to timesheets and payments by acting on their behalf but also making sure that soft issues arising from working at home and mental wellbeing are addressed By working together collaboratively, we do our best to ensure that the high quality of service that both client and contractor as customers expect from Spinwell is met, seeking feedback through customer and candidate surveys to support continuous improvement in our approach

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