Digital Content Designer - Editorial / Publishing

Digital Content Designer - Editorial / Publishing


The client, a prominent government body, required assistance with the creation and publishing of their digital content across a variety of sources. The Digital Content Designer was required to ensure all outputs were focused on the user, whilst monitoring their performance and feedback.


The role required an individual to utilise their existing skillset in a highly specific topic and hold specific security clearing to commence the role. Spinwell ensure to respond to all applicants who apply, however in this particular case, an unsuccessful applicant made a referral to a previous coworker who they suspected would also have been suited to the role.

Project Name
Digital Content Designer - Editorial / Publishing
Digital Content Designer - Editorial / Publishing
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Ensuring thorough compliance, Spinwell was put in contact with this particular content. Through successfully interviewing for the role, the candidate proved a clear understanding of both the duties and the sector. After completing their notice period, they successfully took the role for the duration of its contract.


Through maintaining a talent pool via an internal CRM system, Spinwell can confidently identify key talent from a variety of sources/platforms, increasing our efficiency in providing clients with great candidates to review and your overall time to hire.

The formation of a relationship between candidates and consultants assists Spinwell in making the transition in the workplace seamless, as well as constructive for when they are not successful in the future.

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