Operational Communications Manager

Operational Communications Manager


As one of the top government bodies, our client required interim support from an Operational Communications Manager. The appropriate candidate was expected to be able to work with policy colleagues in a timely way to examine and define policy issues.


Due to the nature of this role and the sector it was within, the candidate required specialist security clearance. The role also required an individual with specific experiences in both the implementation and evaluation of communication efforts and the ability to utilise their transferable skills to suit the sector.

Project Name
Operational Communications Manager
Operational Communications Manager
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The suitable candidate was sourced via our internal CRM system of existing candidates. Through building a positive relationship with both successful and unsuccessful candidates, we utilised this to our advantage by placing a candidate who had previously been successful in a similar role.

Spinwell managed the candidate from initial interview to onboarding including thorough checks from Spinwell’s compliance department, creating a seamless process for the client to get the candidate to work immediately. Due to our efficiency, the requirement was fulfilled from vacancy release to start date within 3 weeks.


Spinwell continues to work with this client, finding appropriate staffing solutions both through the use of an internal CRM system and further outsourcing. This particular example highlights the importance and benefits thorough candidate communications can boast, allowing Spinwell to continue assisting both candidates and clients find the ideal fit.

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