Records manager

Records manager


As a pivotal Government function, the client required a Records Manager for the effective management, retention and safe transition of a variety of public records.


The role required an individual who understood best practices in this particular type of role, ensuring compliance at all times due to the sensitive nature of the information they may be dealing with. As the role was hybrid, the appropriate candidate was required to live a commutable distance from the location, narrowing the prospective talent pool.

Project Name
Records manager
Records manager
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The candidate was identified by one of Spinwell’s consultants via a third-party CV database and after speaking with the candidate it was agreed, that although coming from the financial sector, her role had significant transferable and common skills. The candidate was placed against 3 other candidates, all of whom held more experience in the sector but did not prove to be as good of a fit into the organisation.


Through identifying both positive transferable skills and interpersonal skills, Spinwell was able to fully understand the client’s requirements further than the job description. Building this understanding and relationship with the client is vital for future successful relationships, which has been proved with this client.

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