How Can I Prevent Imposter Syndrome From Stopping My Job Search Success?

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Posted Jul 25, 2022

How Can I Prevent Imposter Syndrome From Stopping My Job Search Success?

Recent studies have shown that 85% of UK adults will regularly feel incompetent at work. This sense of incompetence and self-doubt can be understood as a form of imposter syndrome.

It’s likely that at some point in your career, you will experience imposter syndrome; don’t worry, you’re not alone!

What Is ‘Imposter Syndrome’?

Summarised by VeryWellMind, imposter syndrome is “an internal experience of believing that you are not as competent as others perceive you to be.” In essence, it’s feeling like a fraud!

It can affect anyone and harm your working life. In a professional setting, imposter syndrome may present itself as feeling underqualified or attributing your successes to luck. Being unsuccessful in your job search can amplify the feeling of imposter syndrome, as each rejection can reaffirm these negative beliefs.

We completely understand it’s easier said than done, but here’s some advice on how to face imposter syndrome head-on and strive for success.

Review Your CV and Qualifications

We hope you’re keeping that CV up to date! It’s not something you may think of if you’re comfortable in your current position, but updating your CV with all the incredible experience you boast of can have a positive impact on your perception.

Understand your qualifications, and ensure you are applying for roles that your skill set is best suited for. Your CV offers a tangible document of your career successes and attributes, so be proud of it! You’ve got the certificates to prove it, after all, so don’t be afraid to show them off.

Consider Additional Training

 If you lack confidence in certain areas of your career, it may be beneficial to consider additional training. In our opinion, additional training tends to offer a win-win situation – hear us out!

By attending a training session in an area you don’t feel comfortable in, you’ll experience one of two outcomes:

  1. You gain a greater understanding of this area and can use this newfound information to assist you, or;
  2. You already understood this area, and feel over-qualified to be receiving the training

Utilise Your Professional Network

 Your network will be full of like-minded people who are likely to be going through a similar process. Whether it’s finding out the best training opportunities to amplify your confidence or simply sharing your story with someone who understands, no one will understand quite like those who have experienced it for themself.

 Your professional network may also know of job opportunities that are not commonly advertised. You may not see how brilliant you are, but others around you do! Word-of-mouth recommendations are a huge bonus in such a large talent pool, so don’t let these opportunities pass – hear them out.

Success is measured differently by everyone, but many influential people experience imposter syndrome at the peak of their careers. Believe in yourself and your ability – you’ve worked hard to get to where you are.

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