Implementing strategies to manage work life balance 

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Posted Mar 03, 2023

Implementing strategies to manage work life balance 

 Work Hours 

 Flexible working hours has been shown to comprehensively increase job satisfaction, productivity rates and lead to higher motivation. As a consequence of this, offering these flexible arrangements also reduces staff turnover and absenteeism and increases staff retention.

 Flexible working hours would mean a better balance with work and home. This would increase efficiency as it prompts a positive attitude and behaviour from the employees which managers can also benefit from.


Strategies can be implemented to encourage employees to manage work-life balance with the assistance that technology prompts. One such way is by sharing a combined calendar with family and colleagues so that both parties are aware of the others schedule and availability. Through this, families would also better understand important priorities and commitments that are a matter of great importance.

Family Time 

Where family commitments come to play, being a little flexible in terms of allowing them to leave the office a little early to pick up their kids from school or day care or even making them aware of childcare facilities around the area can easily prompt better balance in the work place.

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