Should you be hiring someone that is over qualified for a job? 

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Posted Apr 04, 2023

Should you be hiring someone that is over qualified for a job?

In hiring someone that is overqualified there certainly are risks involved and rewards presented if they can make it work.

A hiring manager may feel reluctant to hire someone over qualified due to the fact that they may not stay too long in the company, may demand more money than the role calls for and so on.

Pros of hiring an over qualified candidate for the role: 



Overqualified candidates certainly can bring a lot to the table for you and your company.

Ideally they require a lot less supervision and training due to the experience they already have. This would generate a higher ROI as they bring about better, more innovative, new ideas.

People with this much experience can also help in becoming mentors for others. A fine tool in boosting team morale and development.

Questions to ask prior to hiring an over qualified professional 

  1. Why is this candidate interested in a job role that is far below their qualifications?
  2. What is it that they want/expect from this role?
  3. Do you have a use for their extra skill?

(Perhaps a trouble shooting or mentoring programs for your employees that could be arranged with the overqualified professionals help)

  1. What are the chances they would leave if a better role came about?
  2. In what ways can their expertise help your company?

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