What is an Enhanced Security Check (eSC)?

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Posted Mar 23, 2023

What is an Enhanced Security Check (eSC)?

Enhanced Security Check (eSC)

Who needs it and what it provides access to

An Enhanced Security Check allows regular uncontrolled access up to SECRET assets and occasional, controlled access to TOP SECRET assets. It is used for specific roles where an additional level of assurance is required over SC, but not to DV level.

Available only to those in specific roles, including the holders of:

 What checks are involved

 The full review of personal finances, which will include an assessment of an individual’s assets, liabilities, income and expenditure both on an individual basis and taking into account the joint position with a spouse or partner.

Spinwell has extensive experience in the UK’s Defence, security and public sector. Please contact us if you would like to find Security cleared candidates, a new role or would like to discuss how Spinwell can advise you in obtaining or holding a Security Clearance, by emailing advisory@spinwellglobal.com or by calling 0203 510 9454

*Information Source – gov.uk


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